How To Choose A Domain Name For Your Real Estate Blog

A domain real estate name is where your blog lives on the Internet. It’s your blog Uniform Resource Locator code, popularly known as the URL address. A URL will tell a computer where a resource is and how to access it. For example,, which incidentally is where we recommend you buy your domain name. Your real estate blog’s domain name information should be unique to you or the farm area in which you serve.

For real estate agents, owning (your own domain name information) is the key to establishing your brand identity on the internet. Buyers and sellers buy YOU, the agent, not the company or your broker.

Five Features When Selecting A Domain Name in Real Estate

Easy To Remember
Niche Related
Dashes Are Okay
.com is Best
Let’s explain these 5 features in more detail:

Length – Shorter is better, but in real estate, geo-specific content is the key. We recommend either one or two syllable words. It rolls off the tongue better and is great to remember when directing traffic.

Easy To Remember – If users cannot remember your domain name, then they won’t find you from the domain name itself. And that’s not good for search engine marketing. Keep your domain short and simple. One syllable is ideal, but two is okay.

Niche Related – This is target marketing. Don’t forget, geography in real estate is considered a niche area, but it can also apply to other types of niches. Ideally, you will want to conduct a keyword analysis before deciding on a domain name. The best tool is the Google keyword tool. Using keywords in your domain name will help to improve your overall Search Engine Optimization (SEO). For example, if an individual searches for a home in Austin, Texas, what would users type into the search engines to find their results? We typed “austin texas homes” and the keyword tool provide us with popular search terms that users actually typed into the search box.

Dashes Are Okay – Search engines don’t mind dashes. In fact, they behave a lot like grammar police when reading content on the web. That’s why they give us the option of “Did You Mean” when we misspell a word or phrase. Words are recognized by the search engines as separate terms when they have a dash. Dashes (aka hyphens) are treated as a space between words. For example, if you are located in Austin, Texas and you want to secure the domain name and found out it was already registered to someone else; it would be okay to secure or or some other variation with dashes. As a result, you have a small opportunity to capitalize on SEO using dashes because austintexas is a misspelled word and will not be recognized. In fact, you will be given the option of, “Did you mean: austin texas.”

.com is Best’s are the best because they are the most recognizable by Internet users. More often than not someone will say, “Go to” In general, users will automatically try first in a search because we have been conditioned to do so. You might as well give them what they want and secure However, we also recommend securing all extensions (.net,.tv,.info,.me) when developing your authority and brand identity online.

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