What to Blog in Your Real Estate Blog

Do you have a real estate blog? But have no idea on what to write on your post? Actually there are so many topics and contents that can be written and posted in your real estate blog. For your blog to be visible on the top of the major search engine pages, it must be provided with fresh and informative contents. Major search engines like Google and Yahoo give a lot of points in websites and blogs that always updated with fresh and informative content. If you have that content in you blog together with proper optimization, then you can count on it! That in a few months time your blog will be included on the top of the Search Engine Results Pages.

A real estate market conditions is a good thing to start in your blog post. Using the Multiple Listings Services or free access to local real estate statistics, you can use that in creating interesting and informative contents. You can give monthly, quarterly and annual market conditions in your local area. Through this, you can answer questions that most of the home buyers, sellers and other real estate people are asking. Write something about the market conditions, the average and median home sales, average and median home price, price per square foot, number of homes sold etc., and back it up with graphs for them to see the figures.

Next, you can also write about the local events in your area. You must be aware about the local activities in your area and write a post about that topic like, will the city sponsor a parade and fireworks?, Is a big craft fair coming up soon? Is a neighborhood holding a 30-family yard sale next weekend? And do not forget the community events that are widely publicized by the Chamber of Commerce.

Lastly, post something that gives advice and tips related to real estate, home rehabilitation tips, home repairs, staging and others for the sellers. For the home buyers you must write about how to get the best home deals, key points in looking for a perfect home to buy and more. A majority of agents do not have that much time to update and write a blog in their blog. I know that they are so busy in making transactions and time is really an issue to them. My advice is that when the time that you are on the roll in writing, then go ahead and write as many topics as you can, and its up to you on how to do your schedule that your post will be appeared in your blog. At least two post a week will do for your blog.

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